Brittany Shaffer is an actress, singer, dancer, advocate, and business woman. Her area of expertise is film and commercial work.

Photography © Lauren Khalfayan.


Upcoming Projects:

New Studio Recording- Original Cast Album for THE WORKSHOP: A Dress Rehearsal for Life 

Beatrice at Truffles, A Murder Mystery Jazz Dinner Theatre
Playing  at Swing 46 in Midtown Manhattan 

Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone at Bristol Valley Theatre
Opening in July

Episode “Put on a Happy Face” on Evil Lives Here on Discovery ID
Airing: March 18th at 9pm

Mostly 4 Millennials
Airing: Premieres July 1st - Cartoon Network

Catch Brittany as 'Rocket' for the Four Brothers Drive in Commercials

Buga Trailer
(Feature Film)


Different Perspectives
(Short Film)

Platinum Light Teeth (Commercial)



(Short Film)


Mostly 4 Millennials - Adult Swim (TV series)

“Alex Covington, Max King, and Brittany Shaffer are particular standouts in the cast, and their strong voices transcend the unfortunate static of the sound system and raise even the bawdiest lyrics with a flourish.”
“Smythe’s (Brittany Shaffer) love song to Johnson, “I’ll Make a Liberal Socialist Wack Job Out of You Yet,” and Johnson’s anti-liberal “Sometimes a Melon’s Just a Melon” are the highlights (of the show).”